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FELE PREP offers study materials and seminars to prepare for the Florida Educational Leadership Examination.Study and prepare for the FELE with FELE PREP materials.FELE Prep gives you the confidence and preparation to succeed on the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.
Students praise FELE Prep for helping them pass the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.
Dr. Lynette Fields founded FELE Prep to give students the preparation and confidence to pass FELE.
Downloadable study materials are available to help you prepare for the FELE.
FELE Prep Materials

"I wanted to send you a note of thanks for your FELE test prep books. I had finished my Masters in Ed Leadership 9 years ago, but had moved out of state before taking the FELE. I ordered your FELE prep set and studied very hard for 5 weeks, including weekends and snow days. I passed all sections of the test on the first try and just completed the paperwork for my certification. Your study guide set and the practice test on the FL FELE registration website were enough to help me make it through that grueling test. Thanks for the help! It was well worth the money."Sarah - 2013

"I was just letting you know that I passed FELE Subtests 1 & 2 on Friday. I'm waiting on the results for Subtest 3. Your prep materials were awesome. They prepared me well. I think your practice tests were harder than the actual FELE. I gained a great wealth of knowledge through studying the FELE Prep materials. I'll inform you about Subtest 3 as soon as I find out. Thank you!"Andrie, 2013

"I wanted you to know that I utilized your study guide to prepare for the FELE and found it to be extremely beneficial. The information was clear and concise, yet comprehensive. Not only did I pass all three sub-tests of the FELE, I was able to do so before completing 100% of my coursework with the help of your guide. I found the law section to be particularly helpful. Thank you for providing such helpful materials."NZ - Tampa Florida 2012

"I passed all parts of the FELE on the first attempt. I think the FELE prep materials truly helped me. Thanks so much!"KC 2012

"I did not pass the first time so I decided to buy your Operational Leadership book. I studied AGAIN and retook the test and WA-LA I passed. I wish I would have taken your seminar last year when I spoke with you, but classes were only offered in this area once a year. Your books are very detailed with great explanations. I would recommend your books to anyone taking the FELE! You may publish this on your website if you wish... Thanks again."Elise Spencer 2012

"I PASSED ALL 3 SUBTESTS OF THE FELE!!!!!!!! And yes I meant to shout!!! I took the test on June 4th in Pensacola and I received my subtest three results online Tuesday night. Thank you so much. Your seminar and study guide really helped my confidence." Inette Gardner 2011

"My FELE preparation has been very successful. I have used your product to successfully prepare and passed the three subtests of the FELE on the first try. Thank you very much!" Ricky Tanner 2011

"I just got the result of my tests and I passed in all three subtests. The FELE Prep materials helped me so much!!! I'm very happy that I had the opportunity to buy them and I will recommend your product to my friends. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!" Marcia Murray 2011

"It was an excellent tool. I passed and I knew several answers almost instantly. I had already passed parts 2 and 3 but missed the 1st part until I used your guide!!!! Thanks,." Jeannie Robinson 2011

"I passed all three sections of the FELE the first time I took it. I have not taken any formal classes toward my educational leadership degree. Your FELE Prep materials were very helpful. " JM 2011

"I passed all 3 sections on the first try. Materials were great!! " SB 2011

"Thank you for creating study material for the FELE that fully covers what you need to know, especially the data analysis practice. I passed the first two subtests on the first try! (Still haven't heard yet about the 3rd subtest...waiting as patiently as possible!)" S.W. - Milton FL 2010

"Lynette, I took the FELE on October 7, 2010 and unofficially passed Subtests 1 and 2. I will have to wait 30 days to obtain the results of Subtest 3 due to the essay component.  Thank you for the wonderful job you did at the workshop I attended in Tallahassee. I read the study guide twice, studied the hidden curricula information before each subtest, and reviewed the quizzes at the end of each subtest before taking the test.  The study guide helped to boost my confidence in taking the FELE. After completing Subtest 1 and 2, I knew that I had passed. I had a good feeling about it and I know that comes with good preparation. Subtest 3 was the hardest of all of them to me, but I believe I passed it. Thanks again for the workshop; I don't know if I would have passed the FELE subtests without your guidance." AS - Milton FL 2010

"I passed thanks to your excellent study materials".  I highly recommend using this program for FELE success. " MMM 2010

"I took it in July and just received my official results. I passed all three sections! Thanks so much for your help. It really gave me the confidence that I needed to pass the test. " TVC 2010

"I have to thank you because the study guide was extremely helpful, in fact, better than the other study guides available out there.  I just took the test today and passed.  I am very happy!!  Thank you so much!!!! The study guide provided a clear outline of terms, definitions and important concepts to know.  This was my third time taking that section and passed it.  I was very prepared thanks to your study guide. " MV - Miami 2010

"Just wanted to let you know that I took and passed Subtest 1 on July 19th. The study guide was awesome!!! I cannot tell you how much I spent on study guides and yours was the best by far. I am so relieved. Thanks." SM 2010

"I just received the results and passed all three subtests on the first attempt. I cannot tell you how much your study guide has helped. I had so much anxiety over taking these exams. I had to travel overnight for each test - leaving a newborn behind with family. Failing one exam would have meant having to make an extra trip and/or not being eligible for certification. You obviously know your work well. I am an out of state student and did not know where to begin studying. I looked at a few other guides, but they were largely unhelpful. I found you online and took a chance. Glad I did, because your study materials saved me! Many thanks!" Ronnie M - New York 2010

"I took the tests this morning. I am very excited to inform you that I passed Subtest 1 and 2. I have to wait for the results of Subtest 3 but I am confident that I passed it too. Thank you for providing me with the tools I needed to pass these subtests. The manual is a great tool that provides valuable content information but the most valuable tool was your discussions during the seminar. I followed your instructions and answered the questions as you suggested. I knew most of the answers. I was not sure about some of the answers. I did not know a very few answers. Your seminar is priceless. I would recommend all candidates to participate in your seminar. It is worth every single penny. Thanks! " M Torres 2010

"I found your prep materials to be very helpful - especially with school law, but the pre-tests actually helped me prepare the most." Jamie 2010

"I passed all three sections of the FELE! Your study guides were an excellent preparation for these exams. They gave me the confidence and knowledge to take the test without any doubts. I recommend your modules to anyone who needs to take the FELE. Thank You, Dr. Fields!" JJ 2010

"Dr. Fields, I want to thank you for your clear and concise explanations of the many details covered in your Module 2 Prep course for FELE. Everything was so logically presented and well explained, with about a week of study, I was able to pass the test ( minor miracle as I am not a detail person!). I also intend to save the information for reference in difficult situations I may need to face in the future. God bless your masterful work in this course!" CLK-V 2010

"I'm thrilled to let you know that I took the FELE yesterday and received my unofficial pass scores for the first two sections. I'm confident about the last section as well, but I have to wait a couple of weeks to know officially. I know that your course and the materials that I received from it played a huge role in this accomplishment. I only used your study material and not any other supplemental materials to study from, and I was totally prepared for every question that was thrown at me. Thanks so much for all your help. I will definitely reccomend you prep course to all my family, friends, and co-workers in the profession." DB 2010

"After using FELE Prep's Module 3, I passed Subtest 3!" MA 2010

"I passed all three subtests of the FELE the first time.  Your materials were very helpful." CS 2010

"I received the third part of my subtest scores the other day, and I passed.  So, I passed all three sections!  Your materials were very helpful.  I truly want to thank you for being so responsive in answering all of the questions I e-mailed to you while studying, and for creating such a great product." MZ 2010

"I did very well on all three sub tests, passing the first time. I found your materials to be very helpful." RR 2010

"Well, good news, after failing subtest 1 three times, I ordered your test prep materials and I finally passed the last subtest that I needed with your test prep materials on Saturday, February 20, 2010. It helped tremendously and made a world of difference! Thank you!" JS 2010

"Your FELE Prep study guide was very useful and detailed. I appreciated how you taught me to analyze the students' FCAT performance information and how you gave plenty of cases and examples related to school law. Your guide was reliable, because it was the only thing that I used to study and I passed! Thank you very, very much Dr. Fields." YE 2010

"Thanks to FELE Prep's materials, I was finally able to pass the section of the FELE that was giving me trouble. Thank you for your guide." DI 2009

"I took Subtest 3 of the FELE two times and was not successful. After I bought your materials, Module 3, I passed." MK 2009

"I passed the section I was having trouble with after using FELE Prep's materials. I passed all three parts." DL 2009

"I passed all three sections of the FELE. I feel that your study guide was quite helpful and worth the money." DW 2009

"I just wanted to let you know personally that I passed my FELE!!! I got the results when I got home tonight. I passed all three sections the first time!!!!!! YEAH!!! Your preparation and my studying did it! GH 2009

"I just got my scores from the 3rd section which has the essay (the only section you don't get immediate results on), and it is now official. I passed all three parts. Your seminar is worth twice the price. It takes away the guess work, the "what-ifs" and the fear of not knowing just how big the mountain is that you have to climb. PHM 2009

"I did pass all sections of the FELE! The prep was wonderful and I am recommending it to everyone.” FB

"I have successfully passed the FELE test. I give complete credit to your study modules. I am very grateful you were able to complete Module 3 in time, so I was able to use it. I felt confident and prepared for the test even though the test questions were still weird. I loved your study material and learned many wonderful things by using it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be telling everyone that needs to prepare for the FELE to use your products for preparation." Becky 2009

"I passed, thanks to you guys. Your materials were GREAT!!! The essay section helped immensely." LB 2009

"I passed the section I needed to pass. The study guide was excellent." Jamie 2009

"I did pass. I was grateful to have studied your material so much; it was a tough test." NG 2009

"Thanks for everything. I passed all parts of the FELE. The FELE Prep materials were very beneficial and aided me in passing. I owe it all to you. Great job." Bruce 2009

"I have officially passed all parts of the new FELE exam the first time around, and I owe you a big thanks. As you know, I struggled with one subtest on the old FELE, and your new materials made me more confident than ever. Again thank you!" TJ, 2009.


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